Helpdesk Service

No one should have wait for a technician the next day, Leal Technology strives to assist our clients as soon as possible and this is where our Helpdesk Service shines. We provide the option to contact us by phone or by email, please fill out the form below and one of our experienced technicians can provide assistance.

We use enterprise level remote access software to access our clients computers and mobile phones ensuring that all connections are secure.

Time is charged in 15 minute blocks so businesses are only pay for the time it takes to get them back and working. We want our clients to contact us for assistance when things go wrong and not hesitate worrying about the costs of there IT infrastructure we also offer unlimited remote service contracts to our clients to help reduce their ongoing IT cost if you are interested please contact us for further information.

A report can also be provided for each Helpdesk service we conduct so that your business can identify where our services are being utilised in the organisation and take steps to reduce overall costs.

If you think that our Helpdesk Service can be beneficial for your business or organisation and we are currently not your IT provider please give us a phone call 08 8941 6060